Exclusive interview with Borussia’s exciting prospect Famana Quizera

Foto: Divulgação/Express

Exciting talent, Famana Quizera signed for Borussia in 2018 from Benfica, being introduced to the U17 team – then the young portuguese shone quickly at the level, scoring eleven goals and providing one assist in nine games. Extremely talented, he took part of some games at U19 and again showed his potential, providing an assist in a 1-0 away win at Dortmund – a strong side at this level.

At the current pre-season (19-20), Famana had the chance to play with the first team players in a friendly against Angers – won by Borussia 2-1 and again Quizera was the standout performer, being named the ‘Man of The Match’ – he was praised by head coach Marco Rose after the game and also got compliments from Raffael, Borussia’s maestro.

We got an exclusive interview with Quizera, talking about different subjectcs from life, racism & football:

Q: Quizera, you used to play for Benfica, a traditional club for youngsters to show up and yet you made a choice to join Gladbach. What was behind this move?

A: I’ve played for Benfica during five years, but I was looking forward for new challenges and Borussia Mönchengladbach was already scouting me for over three year – they presented the most exciting project so I didn’t have to think twice. I’ll work hard to get into first team one day, if it’s in God’s wishes

Q: You’ve been playing for Portugal at international level, but you are from Guinea Bissau. What do you think about the future?

A: I like to think about the present, so I’m enjoying every moment, but who knows, I might play for Guinea Bissau – the team developed really well recently

Q: As any place in the world, we’ve seen a lot of situations regarding the racism. Did you ever had any case to report?

A: It’s impossible not to face things like that, but I try to don’t give too much atention – also my family always talked to me about that, so I expect to never be affected by that

Q: As you were at Benfica, of course you’ve seen lots of brazilians there, do you have any idols from Brazil?

A: Yes, Robinho & Ronaldinho are my idols and also Raffael – I want to play alongside him at training & on the official matchs to learn a lot from him.

Q: You had an amazing record at U17 level last season, what do you think about the next step?

A: The first year at Borussia was extremely positive – now I want to work even harder because there’s too much to achieve here

Q: Seems that you had a quickly accommodation in Germany, the club helped you in any way?

A: I’m feeling really well here, both the club & my teammates helped me a lot since I’ve signed for Gladbach

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