Borussia Mönchengladbach set to return to European Football & Foals’ maestro Raffael spoke with exclusivity: “If I’m fit, I can help the team and make the difference”

Foto: Divulgação/Welt

Borussia Mönchengladbach is set to return to European Football after two years of absence – they’re about to make their Europa League debut against Austrian side Wolfsberg AC, a familiar face to Marco Rose, who used to manage Red Bull Salzburg until the end of last season.

The Foals are heading back to the competition that they belong – they’ve been crowned champions of Uefa Cup twice – 1974/1975 & 1978/1979 – with a massive thanks to Jupp Heynckes and Allan Simonsen, with both scoring in the finals (Simonsen scored at both finals). Borussia still finish the former Europa League competition with to second places in the bagged – in 72/73 & 79/80, the last one against Eintracht Frankfurt.

We spoke with Foals’ maestro Raffael about his role at the club in the current season & his expectations regarding the return of European Football for Borussia after average two seasons, which the Die Fohlen ended 9th place until the 5th place of last season under Dieter Hecking

Raffa has been standout player from all over the years since he joined Borussia. He scored 71 goals & provided 35 assists in 192 games – record who puts him in 11th place in the biggest scorers of all time of Borussia.

Q: Raffa, Borussia was absent from last two seasons of European Football, how is the feeling of returning to UEL?

A: “For us (the players) is always good to play an international competition, I believe it’s important for the club & fans after two years”

Q: European League emerge as an opportunity for you to show your credentials. Obviously, every player wants to get the maximum of game time, how is your expectation for the current season?

A: “I’m looking forward to the UCL as I did all the preparation in the preseason after so many injuries – I’ve been working in training to be ready when the opportunity comes”

Q: “You’re playing a different system under a new coach; how do you think the development is going? In addition, about Raffa, does he have a spot?

A: “We’re playing in a different system & we didn’t reach the ideal point yet, but we’re improving after each game. Raffa, If fit, can help the team & make the difference”

Again, we’d like to thank the player for another exclusive interview with Gladbach Brasil.

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