Exclusive interview with Gladbach’s maestro Raffael

Photo: Renan Tokuda

Raffael Caetano de Araújo, or simply Raffael, the Brazilian ‘maestro’ is among the greatest idols in the history of Borussia Mönchengladbach, a team of extreme importance and great magnitude in German football. Cearense and a little bit sht, he conquered the crowd and approaches the age of seven defending the colors of the Foals.

Exclusively, ‘Gladbach Brasil’, which is now officially a fan club of Borussia, under the name ‘Die Fohlen Brazil’, managed another interview with Raffael – who is among the greatest scorers in the history of the club, occupying the 11th place , with 71 goals scored and 35 assists in 198 games.

1 – Raffa, you are close to completing seven years of Borussia, being the club that you stayed for the longest in your career. Now, after so long, how do you see your relationship with Borussia in your life?

“Borussia became my home, I chose to stay here, I chose this team because I feel good and practically at home, after so many years, I am about to complete seven years. It is the team that I played the most in my career, I feel very happy to be playing here and to feel good with everyone in the club”

2 – Despite the good campaign this season, you have been little triggered, obviously your desire is to play more. How do you stay motivated even in the face of this situation?

“I try to be calm, focused, doing my job, what I do best. In relation to being used little, it is the coach’s option and we have to respect and try to give the best. I’m always trying to stay in shape, so when you need me, I’m prepared – this is part of football, it is not an issue that discourages me, on the contrary, it is a challenge and I try to deal in the best possible way

3 – Your contract runs until the end of the current season, has there been any contact regarding a possible stay?

“So, my seven years are ending at the end of this season and so far I haven’t had any contact (about leaving or staying), but I also think it’s too early to talk about a contract. Let’s see what will happen after this contract ends, if there will still be a possibility of conversation for negotiation. Let’s see what happens “

4 – You are close to turning 35, what is Raffael’s expectation? Do you intend to play for a few more years or prefer not to think about it yet?

“The age is coming, but I feel good, still able to play for a few years, I don’t know how many, but I intend (to continue playing), whether here or after the contract is over, I intend to play for a few more years, even when my legs can last “

5 – Raffa, you are certainly among the best Borussia players of the decade, reaching impressive numbers, in addition to performances of the highest level. The fans have a lot of affection for you, how would you describe this relationship?

“The relationship is the best, that’s why I chose to stay here for so long, because my relationship with the fans is very good, respectful, even now, playing less than before, they support me and hope that I can be used more. Therefore, this relationship with the fans is even difficult to describe what I particularly feel, I have lived and live with them ”

6 – Recognized as one of the best in the league during his peak and after this beautiful story at Borussia. A title would be magnificent, Raffa?

“Without a doubt, I believe that a title would be what would make the passage even more remarkable, but it is very difficult, right? The Bundesliga is very difficult, very competitive and has a Bayern that has dominated in recent years, with merit. A title would be very special.

7 – You acted under the command of Favre, Schubert and Hecking before Rose arrived, is there any difference in the ‘9 / attacker style’ of the current coach in relation to the others?

“Rose likes a more classic, taller striker, with a strong physical presence, to play in the front and fight with the defenders. In relation to the others, he didn’t have that priority – in the first year, when he played with Max Kruse, who is also a attacking-midfielder, we had great success in the attack and continued with Schubert and only now with Rose that he prefers to act with that extra man up front.

8 – Finally, Marco Rose arrived and already managed to implement his game idea. On a daily basis, are his training methods different from the other coaches you’ve had?

“Yes, the method has changed, the methods are more intense – he prefers more intensity in training, everything we do, is intense. That was the preference I noticed, different from the others – at each training session he wants to see the intensity of the players”

We thank our idol Raffael again for another interview, kindness and humility.

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