Relegation’s fight hero Igor de Camargo spoke with exclusivity with Gladbach Brasil

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Brazilian Igor de Camargo (who also has Belgian nationality and has already played for the Red Devil team) played an important role in the history of Borussia Mönchengladbach – he wore the Foals jersey between 2010 and 2013.

Bought in July 2010, de Camargo, as he is known to Europe, scored 7 goals in 19 games – good numbers in a terrible Borussia campaign, which had an incredible recovery to dispute the relegation playoffs, avoiding the automatic falldown. And that was when the brazilian shone: goal and assist against Bochum, in the clashes that ensured the maintenance of Die Fohlen in the elite of German football.

In the first leg against Bochum, valid for the relegation playoff, Igor took Borussia-Park to the maximum point of ecstasy and explosion, scoring the winning goal in a 1-0 triumph, already in the injury time of the second half. Today, at the age of 36 and after moving abroad in Europe, de Camargo plays KV Mechelen-BEL, where he managed to return to the 1st Belgian division and the national cup title last season.

We spoke exclusively with Igor de Camargo about his time at Borussia and European football. He scored 19 goals & 6 assists in 74 games in his spell with Gladbach’s shirt.

Image: RP Online

1 – When you heard of Borussia Mönchengladbach’s interest, what was your reaction and what led you to sign with the club?

A: When I was at Standard de Liege, after having had two great seasons at the Belgian club. I was very happy because I was going to a great European competition and a great German club.

2 – Igor, you arrived at Gladbach in a turbulent season, fighting against relegation. Thanks to the arrival of Lucien Favre, you managed to reach the relegation’s playoffs, what was the feeling of experiencing so many different moments that season?

A: I was a little apprehensive at first, because it was not what I had imagined living at Borussia, but what came after, the dispute of a champions league. But it was a moment of unparalleled learning and experience.

3 – And in the match against Bochum, you scored a very important goal, already in the injury time, can you describe the emotion of that moment – and the atmosphere of Borussia-Park after your goal?

A: It was a very special moment, an emotion that only those who are inside feel. It was a magical moment, especially to see the love of a crowd for your team.

4 – In the following season, Borussia had a spectacular campaign, reaching a place in the Champions League, and it all started with your goal, in a triumph against Bayern Munich, at the Allianz Arena. Once there, how do you explain this spectacular Gladbach turnaround?

A: I believe that a big part of that success owes a lot to coach Lucien Favre, he had a very precise perspective in regarding to the quality of the players and what the team needed at that time.

5 – During your time wearing the shirt of Borussia Mönchengladbach, which game do you believe has been your best or most remarkable for the Foals?

A: I believe that the game against Bochum and against Bayern Munich were the ones that scored the most. Bochum for being the game in which we kept ourselves in the first division and Bayern for the fact that Borussia had not beaten them over 25 years ago.

6 – In the middle of season 12-13, you were loaned to Hoffenheim and then left Germany, what can you tell us about this period of experience in the country?

A: It was a period of a lot of experience, where I made the most of it, a period of learning, joys and not-so-good moments.

7 – Finally, you played for Standard Liège, Genk, APOEL-CHI and now you are at Mechelen, having a good campaign and having accumulated good numbers for the clubs you passed. How is this moment of your career going?

A: Very good, I live in a moment where we managed to put KV Mechelen back in the Belgian football elite, we won the last Belgian Cup and we are fighting for a place in the play-offs1, so I hope we can finish well this season.

8 – His relationship with Gladbach is still very good, he recently won the club’s goal of the decade award. Is it the club and fans that have the most affection for you?

A: I didn’t have a long career in the club, as I did at Standard de Liege, only 2 and a half years, but I believe that the Borussia fans are very fond of me and I hope I could have helped to write a little bit of the Borussia history.

We are very grateful to Igor de Camargo, who was very requested when giving the press conference to Gladbach Brasil – in this time of activity, we got four exclusive interviews: twice with maestro Raffael, once with the youngster Famana Quizera and finally, with Igor de Camargo.

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